Are you feeling stuck? Do you think you need to do another course or have more experience to change your career? Do you believe that you are never enough prepared to take action?

If all that rings any bell to you, you are probably full of limiting beliefs affecting your career change and the ability to take action.

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that limit us. The beliefs we take for sure having none or a few facts that support them. But those beliefs highly influence our decision making without ourselves realising it.

It affects many aspects of our life, but when we talk about Careers, especially Career Change, that always will involve risk, those beliefs become more present than ever and stop us from taking action. 

We want to do it, but our mindset is not playing in our team.

Limiting beliefs are created to protect us from “danger”. A career change is usually out of your comfort zone, so you do not know how it will go. Maybe you do not feel confident enough. And all this involve uncertainty. 

There is when our limiting beliefs attack harder because they do not want us to “suffer”, from failure, from disappointment. 

Most of the time, those beliefs make us decide from a state of fear and not from a clear and strategical mindset.

Among my clients, the limiting beliefs I see the most are those three:

  • Stop them from seeing their worth and the value they bring: People that think they are not good enough or do not have enough experience, or are unable to see which value they add to any company, even to their current
  • Stop them from seeing their achievements and how prepared they already are: They never recognise any accomplishment or anything relevant in their career, which is impossible.
  • They never saw the perfect time to do it: As they do not see any worth or achievements, all think they are not ready to make that change.
  • They believe they are a failure: Some don’t know their purpose or dream job yet, but know they are not happy with what they are doing. And others because of culture. Education teaches us to select a profession at 18 years old, and we suppose to know and keep going until the end.

Are you in any of these categories? Or in them all?

Typically, people that have limiting beliefs have this kind of thoughts:

  • I am not good enough…
  • I know I won’t be getting the job…
  • This salary is too high…

Are you having any of these thoughts?

Well, let me tell you something, you are not alone, and this has a solution!

If you realise that your limiting beliefs hold you back, hiring a Career Change Coach will be vital. Because certified coaches have the training to work on those limiting beliefs, we can help you replace them with empowering beliefs. With some sessions, depending on each case, and some exercises that you can do with our guidance, you can overcome it.

But here I will let a few questions for you to challenge those beliefs:

  • Is this belief getting me closer or further to my goal?
  • Is it positive for me to have this belief?
  • Which negative impact have holding this belief?
  • Which are the facts that support this belief?

Another thing that can help you identify, if it is what is holding you back, is my “Free Guide to make lasting changes”, there you can go here and subscribe to my page to get it. 

I made this guide, giving a detailed explanation of how we work to make changes, and the issue, of why we hold back to make those changes. 

This guide will help you better understand where you are stuck and how to move forward.

If you feel that you are in the wrong career, it is time to move. And you realise the most significant reason that is holding you back are that kind of thinking pattern, then it is time to hire a coach.

If you are committed to making this career change, but it looks like you are not getting anywhere by yourself, and you realise you feel stuck and needs someone to help you get through it. So let’s have a free vibe call! I got you!

Life is happening right now, and time is the only thing we will never get back, to lose it in a job where we spent most of our time that we hate.  

Let’s design your Heart-led Career Change together right now!


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