Today I will share with you the top five reasons to hire a career change coach. Do you feel stuck, but you don’t know what you can take out of a career change process? Or with all that gurus promising miracles out there, you feel like you will get a scam? If that the case, keep reading because I will dissipate those questions today. 

1.It can significantly reduce timing. Looking and researching for a new position and setting up a good strategy takes time. You can do it alone, but this will take double or triple the time it takes with a career change coach. Even you have a clear idea of what you want to do next. You will need a strategy, and this takes time to bring you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Setting up goals and a road map is a process, and then we need to do little keystones to achieve those steps. That takes vision, determination and something that is missing in most cases patience.

That’s why I always recommended hiring a Career change coach before you need it when you start to feel and think that something is not right, that you are not in the right place, that a change will make you happier, but not wait until you are desperate, frustrated, without seeing a way out.

I would love to promise a magic word or pill that a coach can say, and everything will sort it out as most gurus and coaches pledge nowadays. But sadly, there is not; the formula I experienced myself is:

Strategy + confidence + commitment + accountability = SUCCES 

2.You will develop a promising career vision; where do you want to be in five years? in ten? You will create a road map to follow. I made a blog post where you can read more about the vision following that link.

Setting up goals without having a roadmap to follow will be pointless. Here is where the figure of a career change coach will be critical in all that process to reassure that the goals you are setting are SMART ( specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bounded). 

Here will be the strategy part of the formula, helping you create this strategy and helping with the expertise to approach yourself to that goal in every session.

3.You will boost your confidence.  That’s the more common block I find between my clients. Even if I think back on my career changes, the most common thought is ” I am not good enough” “I will never be able to pull through this successfully.” “Here I am comfortable, lucky to have a job” “Why I am never satisfied.” All those thoughts have not a fact demonstrating them, making them accurate. 

The vast majority of the people cannot easily see those things by themselves, and here it is when a career change coach will help you fight this impostor syndrome.

The second ingredient of the formula, confidence, is vital to not giving up through the process.

4.You will learn to create an outstanding CV and kill it in your interviews. This step is crucial. I see so many clients with a very outdated or not presentable CV, so the easiest route is not to send it. And all it comes to the basics. They do not know how to start or even how to write it correctly. And the solution won’t be copying and pasting from google (lol). Because our CV is our presentation, what will give us or not the opportunity of the interview. 

A career change coach should help you create the best CV that you can have, totally tailored to your strengths, achievements, and all that makes you different from other candidates (we all have it as we are unique).

And here comes the third ingredient of the formula commitment because once all the strategy and confidence process is done, it is a number game. The more jobs you apply for, the more chances you got, the more opportunities you have, someone will contact you for that job.

5.You will have a “best friend” to hold your hand all the process, rooting for your success.  A career change coaching process is not made from one day to another, and patience is key, as mentioned. Accountability, the last ingredient of the formula, is too. 

A career change coach will help you with that; at the end of the day, this is your process, this is your goal, you are working to achieve your dreams. And it would be best if you were responsible for it. The coach will give you the tools for it and be there in every step you take to celebrate.

And when you get anxious, they will be there to refill your patience and work with you through it.

I wish I knew about career change coaching ten years ago when I made my first career change. I sure got it right the first time. 

If you are reading this now, maybe it is a sign for you. We can have a free vibe call, talk about it, and see if you are at the point to start a career change coaching process. 

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