Are you thinking constantly about how to quit your job?

You dream about the day that you hand in the notice? But at the same time, you are not sure how to make that change. You are too exhausted to look for another job after 8h of frustration. You don’t really know if you want to continue your career path or change completely what you do now.

If all the above sounds too familiar, keep reading to discover How to quit your job.

For sure, all the above sound too damn familiar to me, as I’ve been there a few times in my life, and that’s why today I am here.  So I can tell you which mistakes I already made, and you don’t need to do.

I start working when I was 21 years old, before that I had some jobs in the summer to cover my expenses. As I talk about it in my passion vs purpose blog, I think to choose a career at 18 lead to mistakes, following passions, lead to errors, because feelings as passion changes over time.

My first career change at 25 years old; was triggered by boredom having a too comfortable job too soon in my life. My mistake here was; I choose to be an accountant because, in my little town, it was the most probable job to get. I ended up being an accountant and office manager; my natural leadership skills showed sooner than expected, my innate time-management, productivity, and strategic thinking gifts were there; I just was not paying attention.

Before quitting or changing, the first tip looks through all your natural and gifted talents and skills sets. All of us have it; we just need to look closer and mindfully. 

Now, you think, wait a minute, but if you were using your talents and your best skills, you were on the right career; but the reasons behind this choice were not my purpose, was the easy thing to do, the comfortable. I was not challenged at all. 

The reason I ended up leaving this job was personal; I left that job because I moved to the US with my partner at the time. Thank god! If not, maybe I will be dead by boredom.

That leads me to the second tip, don’t jump to empty pools or to similar jobs for a salary increase without doing your research and doing the work

with yourself, because probably you will hit another dead end.

When I moved to the US, I went on a tourist visa, so I knew I won’t be allowed to work, I planned my move for a year, so here you have my third tip have a damn plan and strategy. Successful career changes are not make in a day. 

The fourth tip, don’t wait to be too fed up. Because that can lead to massive frustration and even depression in the worst cases.

Changes are scary even for the bravest ones; being brave, having courage is not the absence of fear, as is believed for most human beings. Is the contrary, being able to look your fear face to face, and say look me, I am about to do it. Breaking news! You will do it with fear.

In my first career change, It was fuelled by personal reason. The fear was not only to leave the job; I was going my tiny island to a vast city in the US; I was about to really test my long-distance relationship. A lot of fear and insecurities were there.

In my case, this time, it came like the next step, I knew I didn’t want to continue that career path, but at this stage, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do; here is where my damn plan (tip three) plays a considerable part, and the fifth tip comes to your 5 years vision career-wise.

I got a year to figure it out, as I got savings and unemployment. So I got time and my bills paid. Of course, your case will be different; that’s why probably if you need that money coming every month, you will need to do the same job for a while.  

To create your damn plan and strategy, discover your talents and innate skills, and make your career vision. 

That’s why it is essential; you don’t reach the point of being fed up, frustrated or even depressed. Because that can cause a lack of motivation to pursue and find the right career for you.

In my year in the US, as I didn’t know what I really wanted to do next, I volunteer in things that interested me; I worked as an admin representative in the American Red Cross to collect donations for the 2011 tsunami Japan. I worked in the back office of a beach hotel as a volunteer. And I end up giving Spanish classes to an 

online website platform.

Here comes my sixth tip: make a list of things you would love to try if you do not need the money and look for places to volunteer for a few hours. 

At the end of this whole experience, I made my second mistake, following my passion, because I did not follow my fifth tip. I didn’t know anything about my values, mission, vision or purpose. So I thought, I love to travel; I enjoyed my time at the hotel very much. Let’s join the travel industry.

And here started my last 10 years journey. Followed by other career change that I will tell you another day before you quit my blog 🙂

That year break was the perfect moment for me to hire a career coach, but I have not even thought about it at that moment of my life, and indeed we didn’t have as much information online that we have today.

If this blog post resounds with you and you already subscribed to, download my guide to make changes, discover your values, and did the free exercises in my blog. And you cannot figure it out; let’s have a free 30 minutes vibe call to assess your case personally and see if my program can help you.

And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.      ~ Randy Kosimar ~

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