Take decisions from 


Not fear

I help women unsatisfied with their career to find their purpose and get the confidence to make the heart-led change career-wise to thrive finally and feel fulfilled.

Do you want a change in your career?

  • Do you need the courage to reinvent yourself?
  • Do you want to change industries or job positions?
  • Do you feel stuck in a job you hate?
  • Do you feel that is no progression in your job? you need a way out? But you don’t know where to start. 

You are in the right place!


With a plan and sound strategy I will help you strengthen your courage, and make those heart-led changes so you will be able to dare and show up for yourself taking steps outside of your comfort zone. Deciding to finally thrive in the career you always dreamed about.

Who am I

I am a certified coach and mentor.

I’ve been working leading and coaching teams in international enterprises the last 10 years. On a personal level, I’ve always been a coach, as well,  without even knowing, being the person to go to my friends and family always they need to take an important decision for advice.

I’ve been able to take risks, and make happen in my life what I always wanted to happen. Would you like to be able to do this yourself?

I’ve been able to own my mistakes and failures, and take the lesson to achieve what I always wanted in life.


My ultimate career change program breaks it down into three stages, so you can 100% tailor it to your needs:

I´m here to be your accountability partner, to give you a safe space and reflect your own thoughts, in order to get clarity.

And give you the tools to take the right decisions for yourself.

My life experience in all my coaching programs has been key in creating my method, now I want to share it with you and make that difference for you as well.

Check out my client's experience:

I couldn't recommend Joana more highly.
A very logical, thoughtful and honest coach who helped me understand not only the way to make the right calls but why they are the right calls too, equipping me to make the right decisions moving forward.

Completely honest and entirely helpful.


- KATE W. -

- KATE W. -

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