Hey, I am Joana!

I am a funny, open, and laid-back Spaniard living in the UK. Like a lot of people say, I am a “restless but” aiming for adventure. I follow my intuition, and I don’t like being in my comfort zone, as there is no growth. I never followed the opinion of the masses and took my decisions from courage, not from fear.

I have the gift to make decisions quickly, always with a plan and strategy, and make it work the way I want. I’ve been able to take risks and make the necessary changes in my life when it was needed. I successfully completed three career changes, moved two times to different countries and started from scratch, dared to make solo trips, and constantly improved my relationship with myself and others.

Would you like to be able to do this yourself? Take ownership of your life and adjust your ship’s sails every time you need them, without getting stuck and overwhelmed.

I’ve been able to do the necessary inner work to be the most authentic version of myself and have a life that serves me in every aspect: career, relationships, self-confidence and personal growth.

My mission is to help women own their true self, without feeling guilt or shame. With Authenticity, honesty and passion.

How can I help you?


Find Purpose – Find the clarity and drive in your why.

Set Goals – Learn how to set goals and achieve them.

Confidence – Grow your self-belief and your confidence.

Take Action – Design and strategy and don’t let fears take the lead.

Momentum – Find drive and motivation to move forward.

Accountability – Having a safe space without judgement, where you can be authentic and thrive.

How will you feel after working with me?

You will be able to show up authentically.

You will feel confident on taking decisions and making changes.

You will gain self-knowledge and know exactly what you want in life.

You will have a plan and strategy to follow step by step.

You will have tools and resources to fight against “imposter syndrome” and “negative self-talk”

What my clients say about me:

I couldn't recommend Joana more highly.
A very logical, thoughtful and honest coach who helped me understand not only the way to make the right calls but why they are the right calls too, equipping me to make the right decisions moving forward.

Completely honest and entirely helpful.

- Kate W, UK -

Book a 30 min vibe call, to asses your case, and make a plan that works for you.